Ludmila Fedor, ANP

Ludmila Fedor, ANP



Liudmila (Luda) Fedor is a new nurse practitioner who joined Algone in 2022 after she moved to Alaska from the state of Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. Luda decided to pursue a career in healthcare to help people suffering from chronic pain.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Health Sciences at Drexel University, followed by her second Bachelor of Nursing at Thomas Jefferson University.

She spent several years working as a hospital nurse caring for acutely sick patients with different alignments, taking special interest in caring for patients with diabetes mellitus with complications, including severe peripheral neuropathy and end-stage renal disease. At that time, she was nominated for nursing excellence Daisy Award. During the Covid-19 pandemic she moved to a designated respiratory unit to take care of critically ill patients with severe respiratory insufficiency. In 2021 Liudmila received her Master’s degree in Nursing from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, and received her family nurse practitioner license from American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Luda decided to tie her career with interventional pain management to contribute to better quality of life for patients with chronic conditions. 

 Liudmila is an active member of the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association.

While seeing patients with chronic pain from multiple health conditions including chronic spine conditions and long-term trauma complications, Liudmila takes special care helping people with cancer-related pain. She adheres to a nursing model of patient care, where the patient and his family are involved in decision-making regarding treatment plans. She believes that it is in her patients’ best interest for all other medical specialties involved in patient’s care to be on the same page and frequently communicate to ensure comprehensive, patient-centered care. 

At her free time Luda spends time with her family, traveling Alaska, fishing and crafting.

Fun fact: on weekends Luda spends time chasing the Northern lights.